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Vibrant, multicultural and dynamic, mg游戏平台app下载(mg游戏平台app下载)拥有约翰内斯堡的节奏和活力, the city whose name it carries. Proudly South African, the university is alive down to its African roots, 并且为发挥高等教育对非洲发展的潜力做好了充分准备. mg游戏平台app下载 has transformed into a diverse, inclusive, transformational and collegial institution, with a student population of over 50 000, 其中3000多人是来自80个国家的国际学生. 这使mg游戏平台app下载成为南非高等教育系统26所公立大学中最大的联系大学之一.

mg游戏平台app下载的愿景是成为“一所国际大学的选择, anchored in Africa, dynamically shaping the future”. 它的使命可以描述为:“激励它的社区通过创新和对知识的合作追求来改造和服务人类。”. These are underpinned by four values, namely: imagination, conversation, regeneration and ethical foundation. 这六个战略目标为实现愿景提供了集中的手段, 大学的使命和价值观见上文. 它们进一步代表了最初的mg游戏平台app下载战略推进2020年的重新工作,在更大的背景下,大学定位为“泛非洲”批判性智力研究中心, mg游戏平台app下载的首要目标是实现全球卓越和声望.

The six strategic objectives are:

  1. Excellence in Research and Innovation
  2. Excellence in Teaching and Learning
  3. 全球卓越和声望的国际形象(GES)
  4. 丰富学生友好的学习和生活体验
  5. National and Global Reputation Management
  6. Fitness for Global Excellence and Stature (GES)

Recognised as the country’s second strongest brand, mg游戏平台app下载 offers world-class, 国际认可的学术课程基于本科和研究生教育的前沿发展, 这些课程的目的是让学生为世界的工作和成为全球公民做好准备. mg游戏平台app下载的课程越来越多地反映了以前被边缘化的学术,与转型和非殖民化议程有关, with Africa at its core.

About Uj

The University has 7 faculties and a college viz., Education, Law, Humanities, Art, Design and Architecture, Health Sciences, Science, 工程和建筑环境以及商业和经济学院, 这里是新成立的约翰内斯堡商学院所在地. The University has four campuses, namely the Auckland Park Bunting Road Campus; the Auckland Park Kingsway Campus; the Doornfontein Campus; and the Soweto Campus.